ICA’s Reception at Inhorgenta Munich 2018

Organized by Claudia Hamann Edelstein, ICA Germany Ambassador, and Saurabh Bansal, ICA Germany Director, the ICA Reception at Inhorgenta 2018 took place in Kaefer Tagesbar on Februrary 17th, 2018.

The evening gathered Europe’s top colored gemstone entrepreneurs on a fun night with food, drinks and plenty of networking!

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Strong Demand for High-Quality Gemstones

By ICA Ambassador to Germany, Claudia Hamman

Generally in Europe, and particularly in Germany, we see that customers are only buying goods requested by their clients or for their programs and projects. They are rarely willing to risk buying interesting gemstones just for stock.
However, for the first time since the financial crisis of 2008, the Vicenza trade show in January was very positive. There were not only many overseas buyers, but also clients from Italy showing up after a long time away from the show to replace stock.
This slight, but decidedly positive, economic breath of fresh air for Europe was also visible at the Inhorgenta Munich trade show in February, and again at BaselWorld.
In Germany, we are seeing a stable to increasing demand for special cuts, especially orders of limited series in fine goods.
All over Europe there is a strong demand for unheated rubies over 3 carats starting from $10,000 per carat and up, while demand for smaller sizes is declining.
Fine-quality sapphires are stable, while sales are declining for low-quality items. There is also strong demand for untreated stones over 10 carats from Madagascar and Ceylon. For pink and yellow sapphire, there is increasing demand for pieces weighing 10 carats and up in good transparency and color.
Emeralds from Colombia are always in strong demand and increasing in price, and this also applies to commercial goods.

Aquamarine is stable in price, but there is a shortage of goods in fine qualities.
In tourmaline, the African Paraiba is much in demand and seeing stable prices.
Tanzanite is seeing balanced supply and demand, while Tsavorite is always difficult to supply over 1 carat in good quality.
Garnet is very popular, and rhodolite in purple and red from the new mines in Mozambique is selling well.
Opals in fine qualities, especially black stones, are in demand and hard to find.

In pearls, freshwater pearls are seeing lower demand.
In conclusion, there is a strong demand for gemstones in the very good to top-quality end of the market. Particularly in demand are rare stones such as unheated Burmese rubies and Kashmiri and Burmese sapphires, as well as un-oiled fine Colombian emeralds.
It appears that people are looking to invest in rare gemstones as they are willing to pay record prices to get these top stones, which is likely due to the uncertain financial situation around the world.
“Oppenheimer Blue” Sells For Record $58M

ICA Ambassador to Germany – Claudia Hamann

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