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Claudia Hamann Edelstein is member of the following associations: – International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) – German Gemological Society (FGG) – Collegio Italiano Gemmologi.

Claudia Hamann Edelstein is also an ICA’s Accredited Ethical Member

We are specialized in Emeralds from Colombia, Rubies from Burma ,Sapphires from Siam and Ceylon and fine Gemstones from Africa as Spinel, Tsavorite, Tanzanite, Garnet, Aquamarine and others.

We are cutting significant stock of high quality gemstones in order to offer a large choice of variety in color, sizes and shapes, pairs, sets and calibrated series. While looking for new gemstone cuts our company was able to develope the innovating ”Double Rose Cut”. A graduated gemologist F.G.G. guaranties the quality control and certification of each single stone. Before being sold the gemstones pass a three step system: Identification, Grading and finally Evaluation. The intensive relationship with customers from all over the world gives us constant motivation to improve our know how and professional skill, based on Italian creativity and German precision.


Claudia Hamann Edelstein  was founded 1990 in Hamburg, Germany. Our mission is the search for fine gemstones and the development of special gem cuts for our customers.

Our offices around the world Shortly after foundation we opened a purchase office with own cutting workshop facilities in Chantaburi, Thailand. Chantaburi is traditionally known for cutting sapphires from Siam and Ceylon as well as rubies from Burma. After discovery of the important Tunduru-mine in Tanzania/Africa, we expanded our range of products with fine gemstones like spinell, tanzanite, tsavorite and other garnets, to only name a few. This vast variety of rough material, allowed us to create individual cuts and we were also able to cut small and larger series. In 1995 we established a purchase office in Bogota/Colombia, so as to be better able to take in our range of gems Colombian emeralds, which are unique in color and brilliancy. A graduated gemologist F.G.G. guaranties quality control and certification of each single stone in our in-house laboratory.At the same time, we opened a sales office in the ‘Il Tari’centre close to Naples, as a response to the growing Italian market. ‘Il Tari’ is the most important wholesale center, which serves the Italian market with all in all 260 jewelery producers, and diamond- and colored stones dealers. With our constant presence at the world most important trade fairs our knowledge in the field was consolidated and an international customer-network was created in Europe as well as in the USA and since the year 2000 in Asia.

The famous Double Rose Cut

While constantly looking for new gemstone resources and new gemstone cuts, our company was able to develop the innovating “Double Rose Cut”, but still with a classical touch. A significant stock of high quality gemstones was cut in order to offer a larger choice of variety in color, sizes and shapes. Nowadays, the Double Rose Cut belongs to one of the most liked gem cuts which inspires leading jewelers worldwide, to create new and exclusive jewelry-masterpieces.

To praise this extraordinary cut we created a high standard jewelry collection. Every single piece is signed with its specially created logo DR for Double Rose. These jewelry pieces are being produced exclusively by Italian craftsmanship. The circle closes, beginning with cutting of rough material, the gemological certification up to the possible realization of an exclusive piece of jewelry by Italian skilled manufacture. Our growth and success was only possible thanks to our customers and was built on our values: trust, honesty and professionalism.

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