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Claudia Hamann Edelstein exhibits at specialized trade fairs all over the world.

Start End Details
17 Mar 21 Mar VICENZAORO JANUARY Pad. 3 Stand 173 – Click for more info
08 Apr 11 Apr INHORGENTA MUENCHEN Hall C1 Stand 328 – Click for more info
29 Apr 02 May IL TARI OPEN Modulo 37/4 – Click for more info
05 May 08 May GEMGENÉVEClick for more info
08 Sep 12 Sep VICENZAORO – Pad. 3 Stand 173 Click for more info
30 Sep 02 Oct GEMWORLD MINERALIENTAGE MUENCHEN The Munich Show – Click for more info
07 Oct 10 Oct IL TARI OPEN Modulo 37/4 – Click for more info

Report by ICA Ambassador to Germany

By Claudia Hamanm Last year was better than expected, especially due to the stable selling of gemstones in good to high quality, despite uncertainness of the markets. Europe had a good start in 2020 with Vicenzaoro fair, which gave a satisfactory result both at the national and international levels, followed by Inhorgenta Munich that was very well visited. German customers…


‘Gems Keep Giving’ (GKK) is a charitable fund set up by the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) to support artisinal gemstone mining and cutting communities around the globe. As the name implies those involved in the gemstone industry now have a way of giving back to those in our industry who are most in need. By giving we are not…


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